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Having been in the business of designing, manufacturing and developing shock absorbers for competition motorcycles since 1977, we have gained a great deal of experience in repairing other manufacturers equipment on Monoshocks and Twinshocks suspension units.

As well as repairing all our own falcon shock absorbers, our service extends to repairing (OEM) shock absorber covering: Motocross, Trials, Enduro, Trail, Road racing and Road bike shock absorbers.
We carry many different sizes of seals in stock, together with a complete range of sizes of ground and hardchrome plated bar for making shock absorber rods.
Our extensive experience and machine shop facilities enable us to carry out servicing, repair and modifications to all of the many and varied types of shock absorbers seen on most motorcycles today.
This shock absorber is from a Honda RTL 250 trials bike, and has come in with an oil leak from around the piston rod.
The shock absorber is cleaned, the spring removed and then cleaned again before dismantling the shock on the bench. 
The rod assembly is then take apart, cleaned and layed out in the original order of assambley.
A new steel rod is manufactured from precision hard chrome bar and bored to take the original damping adjustment mechanism. A new bearing block is also manufactured to an exact copy of the original item and then assembled with a PTFE rod guide bush and polyurethane main pressure seal.
The main rod assembly is put together with damper adjuster, and seals lubricated to ensure a smooth operation. 
In this case a new bump rubber is also fitted to replace the crumbling original.
The remote reservoir is dismantled and cleaned out checking the condition of the rubber bladder for leaks and assembled with fresh oil.
The rod assembly is fitted to the shock body, the shock is re-oiled, bled air free and then connected to the assembled reservoir and pressurised.
The entire assembly is de-greased and left for a few hours to ensure no oil or gas leaks and then the spring is fitted with the preload on the spring set to the same fitted length as when it arrived.
A few of the more common makes of shock absorber we can repair include:-
Ohlins,   Boge, WhitePower,   Corte Cosso,   Kayaba,   Showa,   Yamaha,   Marzocchi, etc.

The repair also covers shocks made and fitted to:-
Suzuki,   Honda,  Yamha,  kawasaki,  Triumph,  Ducati,  BMW, Cagiva,   Koni,   Aprilia,   Spax,   Reiger, etc..   Monoshock

We even repair the shock absorbers fitted to BMW motorcycles with the electronic remote  controls.

Please note:-In this case the repair is to the hydraulic side of the system and NOT the electronics.
Not all shock absorber can be rebuilt due the design and sizes used. This makes the cheaper types of shock absorber uneconomical to repair .......... If in doubt please ask.
Modern seal technology is very good and consequently seals do not leak without good reason. The cause of leaking shock absorbers is usually damage to the surface of the shock piston rod. This damage can take the form of stone chips, corrosion pitting or some times the hardchrome plating can wear through. Any surface imperfections can wear the lip of the main pressure seal allowing the oil to leak out, and cause a total loss of damping.
  • All our repairs are guaranteed on materials and workmanship.
  • We offer a three months guarantee on all off-road shock absorber repairs, and a twelve months guarantee on all road bike shock REPAIRS.


  • WE WILL NOT ENTERTAIN ANY CLAIMS FOR WORK CARRIED OUT if the shock absorber has been tampered with by you or BY A THIRD PARTY.
    It must be realised that any prices given over the phone for repair work on your shock absorber can only be an estmatebased on the customers discription of the problem and does not constitue any form of quotation.
We cannot give you any firm quotation untill the shock absorber has been sent to us and examined.

We will make a charge for cleaning dirty shock absorbers, based on the time involved, so to help keep the cost of your repair down, please make sure your shock has been cleaned thoroughly before you send it to us
Unless otherwise specified all parts replaced during the rebuild of your shock absorber will be disposed of.

Please make sure when you send your shocks in for repair you include all your contact details:

  • Your name.
  • Your address inc POSTCODE
  • Phone number, inc MOBILE NUMBER if you have one
  • Email address
  • Description of the problem with the shock and

This may all seem obvious but we do get a number of shock repairs sent in without any contact details of who has sent it or what the job involves. We can only put them to one side till the customer contacts us.

it also helps if hand wrighting is legable

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