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FALCON SHOCK ABSORBERS LTD, have been in the business of designing and manufacturing competition motorcycle-suspension units since 1977. During this time, our policies of continual research, development and improvement have kept us in the forefront of suspension technology, proven by the fact that our products have been used to win many events over the years.
Two mono shocksAll shocks become worn or damaged after long periods of use, so each Falcon damper is completely rebuildable rather than being a 'throwaway' unit. Each unit may be completely stripped down to it's component parts so that any worn or damaged Items may be replaced, so as to restore the unit to it's original working order. The design of the damper piston also enables the compression and rebound damping to be fine-tuned Individually to suit different applications
Each pair of Falcon shock absorbers is assembled based on rider weight, length of shock and intended use. Even different riding styles can call for subtle changes in the specification for each customer. We take the standard specification for each bike and then modify it as necessary for each individual customer.
Over the years our research and development programmes have looked into many aspects of shock absorber design to bring you, the rider, the best suspension products available today. By introducing modern high-tech materials into the design we have ensured that our shock absorbers not only last, but work as they are designed to do so.Our damper piston Incorporates a unique three-stage damping system on compression and rebound, each being capable of individual fine tuning. The system allows damping curves to be tailored to the exact needs of the machine and rider for all aspects of motorcycle sport. To ensure constant damping at whatever speed you choose to ride, all Falcon units are oil-damped and gas-assisted.
We have such confidence in the quality of our suspension products that we offer a six month guarantee on quality of parts and workmanship. Your guarantee of our quality.
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